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Ceramic Ball Mill

Ceramic Ball Mill

Characteristics of Ceramic Ball Mill:

  • An equipment for Ceramic factories;
  • To grind cement clinkers and other materials;
  • Applied in construction, metallurgy, electricity and chemistry;
  • The structure is divided into integral type and freestanding type;
  • The machine runs smoothly and works realiably.

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Working Process of Ceramic Ball Millú║

Through material hollow shaft spiral the material is sent to the first mill chamber, in which there are ladder liner or corrugated linings, with steel balls of different specifications in it. When cylinder rotating, centrifugal force will produce steel ball fall down from a certain height, thus impacting and grinding the materials. After coarse grinding in the first chamber, materials enter into the second chamber through a single diaphragm. In this warehouse with flat lining board and steel balls in it, materials are further grinded.

Working Principle of Ceramic Ball Millú║

Ceramic ball mill is a new energy-saving grinding equipment designed by domestic processing machinery experts after absorbing the newest grinding technology home and abroad. It not only improves the productivity and crushing ration, but also expand the application range. It performs an excellent job in secondary crushing, finely crushing and super finely crushing, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to various ores crushing. It is now a new-generation product in mining construction that can replace spring cone crusher and update general hydraulic cone crusher and an ideal equipment for large-scale stone and mining crushing, having the features of low investment, energy saving, simple structure, easy operation, safety use, realibility, etc and applicable to grinding and mixing general and special materials. Customers can choose suitable model, lining board and medium type according to material proportion, hardness, output as well as other factors.

Technical Parameters of Ceramic Ball Millú║


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